The Vegetarian Nichols

As a couple we have always been a little different from the rest. Traveling instead of going to school. Living in our vehicle instead of buying a house. Moving across the country instead of looking into putting roots in our home town. So when it comes to parenthood we also plan on being as far the norm as possible. The one thing we do that we catch the most grief about is being Vegetarian. In all reality though this decision has been one that I feel is our best yet.

We have been clean eaters since we started dating in 2010. Just that switch alone I saw a great improvement in my health and energy. Before Matthew I had the worst eating habits you could have. I’m not even joking when I say I ate 50% junk food and 50% carbs. I was borderline Diabetic and checked my sugar regularly. Needless to say after about a year of better eating habits I no longer feared diabetes in the least. We didn’t stop from there. Over the years we have adjusted out diets multiple times. Getting cleaner with each change. Having Leo in our lives for the past two years has only opened our eyes to more opportunities to be a healthy family. When it was time to start feeding Leo more than just breast milk we only bought foods that were free of as much chemicals as possible.

On July 17, 2017 we decided to make the ultimate switch in our diets and went vegetarian. There were many factors in this choice from reasearch to documentaries, and even the impact it would have on our environment. ( which I will get into at a later date). Almost a year in and I can truly say I feel fantastic and my blood work will back that up! Even after all this time we are still constantly being ridiculed for restricting our son from consuming meat and milk products (minus cheese. We havent been able to give it up just yet.) It’s easy to brush their ignorance off and inform them of all the reasons why we do what we do. Most have simply continued to refuse the facts, but we have also been able to educate a lot of people and help them move forward into vegetarianism. Granted our main reason for being vegetarian is to be as healthy as we can be for our sons, we love to spread the word and try to change as many lives as we can for the better. So on that note here are a few websites loaded with information and a couple documentieres to watch to educate your self on the benefits of being a vegetarian.



Forks over knives

What the Health

Before the flood



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